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Friday, 12 June 2020

Pain, Stress and Depression Meditation from Yoga

Pain, Stress and Depression Meditation from Yoga 

A survey released in December 2008 by the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that "Yoga" was the 6th most commonly used alternative therapy in the United State during 2007. On of the most recent trends in the practice of and research about Yoga as alternative therapy is how it relates to field of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the study of that which contributes to the overall well being of and supports the optimal functioning of individuals.
Pain, Stress and Depression Meditation from Yoga 

Mindfulness has been a fundamental aspect of yoga since its early documentation in the "Yoga Sutra". Mindfulness is defined as " attending to relevant aspects of experience in a nonjudgmental manner" 

 Yoga has been highly Westernized in recent years. and a majority of the result of this westernization and modernization is the heightened profile of the physical aspect yoga has to offer. 

A 2010 literature review of the research on the use of Yoga for treating depression said that preliminary research suggest that Yoga may be effective in the management of depression. Both the exercise and the mindfulness meditation components may be helpful. A 2009 individual study founded that the regular practice of Yoga helps to decease level of depression significantly. For individuals who practice Yoga twice weekly for a period of two months, depression levels decreased as well as levels of state and trait anxiety. 
 Practice of Yoga may improve quality of life measures in Cancer patients. It is unclear what aspect may be beneficial or what population should be targeted. Other studies show improvements in low participants cope with symptoms from more physical condition like cancer. Learning breathing and relaxation techniques help patients manage pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.