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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Gemstone & Crystal

Gemstone & Crystal 

Crystal are clear substances that have molecules arranged in a regular geometric pattern. Gemstone is a unique and precious mineral that is highly priced. Gems are wonderful stones that are used in making jewelry. Gemstone and crystal are both used in various form in today's world. Gemstone are primarily used in jewelry, decoration pieces and crystal can be used in various applications such as healing, jewelry, scientific purposes. A gemstone can be a crystal whereas a crystal will not always be a gemstone. 

Natural Crystal Gemstone
Natural Crystal
Many gemstone are crystal, including the "precious" gemstone,Diamond, which is a crystal composed of only carbon atoms. A semi precious crystalline gemstone could be citrine and amethyst, both of which are composed of crystalline quartz but with different impostures which impart different colors. Many "rocks" are worn as jewelry, such as opals and labradorite which are not crystalline. Crystal are solid that have atoms, ions and molecules fixed in regular order, which increase in 3D. Gemstone have mineral bases such as Ruby or Diamond and an organic base such as amber. 



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