How to get relax

someone need to find relax on their mind we will help them to find mind relax

6 ways How to get rid of Tension?

Write for Us Travel

Write for Us Travel 

Guest Post on our Travel Website

If you want to write a travel guest post for us, we are looking for volunteers and guest writers from all walks of life. Anyone can submit their travel stories as long as they are written nicely and stick to our guidelines. We accept anything written around travel guides, there are a few rules you’ll need to follow. Top places, best places to eat, history about a place etc. Lifestyle would also fall under our scope. These are guidelines that ensure you’re writing in a way that is acceptable for Travel Information


  • We cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Authentic and unique – No duplicate articles (We will not accept an article that has been published elsewhere. Google does not like it and nor do we)
  • We require 2 photographs (minimum) no copyright images.
  • The Submitted Articles need to be a minimum of 600 words please. No short articles will be accepted.
  • Do not use excessive keywords in your content,
  • Proofread your posts for spelling and grammar errors before submitting
  • Must include an Author bio for your post with your submission (2-3 sentences). And one link to a social media profile such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • Your blog may contain up to 2 relevant links to your domain. No other links should be added to the post.
You can re-publish your article elsewhere online only if:
1. Change the text contend by 40%
2. You have significantly changed the paragraph.
3. You must change your title
4. You do not use our edits or publications (use your draft)
5. Your link back to where it initially appeared on  if in print, you can publish our version with prominent credit if you ask for permission.


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